Please plan ahead for utilizing M Designs services. We will do rush work in emergencies and/or when possible for a rush fee of $50 per request. You can expect that most work can be done within 3 business days, but For new requests or larger projects we ask more time. See for details.

Once we begin working on your request we will contact you by email or phone if we run into anything where we need your input. We will also expect that after work is completed (for example within 3 days) we receive your feedback soon and if it is within the specifiedtime frame (listed below) of when we send you your completed work you can expect that we have allowed the time to complete your revisions within the specified amount of business days (listed below) of getting this feedback.

If you decide on major changes, that’s fine, but this will be treated as a new request and will get its own deadline assigned. We consider the revisions to be limited to minor changes and/or corrections that can be completed in the timeframe, (listed below) based on your original request. If the revision is expected to take more time than the original task this automatically makes it a new task for which a deadline will be set.

Please consider the best practices for requests for the most efficient use of both your time (waiting for finished work) and your money (less labor needed to complete your work = smaller bill).

Here is a general list of what you can expect for turnaround of revisions based on approximately how much work is required to complete the task.

Revision  Turnaround Times Table
Time expected to complete the original task Expected Original Turnaround Time Expected Time for the customer to respond Time expected to complete revision on task after receiving feedback Expected Revision Turnaround Time Expected Revision Turnaround Time if the customer takes longer than expected time to give feedback
15-60 mins 3 business days  24 hours 15-60 mins 1 business day up to 3 business days
1-3 hrs 5 business days  48 Hours 1-3 hrs 1-3 Business day 5 business days
3-6 hours 7 business days  72 Hours 3-6 hours 3-5 business days 7 business days
Major projects unless otherwise noted 14 business days  144 Hours requires customized approach requires customized approach requires customized approach