Planning For Success

Situation Analysis

We like to get to know your business before we start offering suggestions. We know marketing and design — but you know your business. By coming together we can create ideas greater than either party would discover on their own. We start with a situation analysis which examines the internal environment (things you can control, or are directly related to your business) and external environment. (things outside the business, that cannot be controlled but that you can react to)

Goal Setting

We can help you to set goals, or you can communicate your goals to us and we can help you to develop strategies and map these to actionable objectives and tactics for carrying them out.

Measuring and Refining

When specific goals are set it is important to look back periodically and figure out what is working and what isn’t. Once your plans are underway we can help you measure the effectiveness and adjust your tactics over time to reach your goals, or edit your strategy based on what is happening.