Hourly Rates

Hourly rate for all hourly work can be expected to be $146.30 an hour unless otherwise noted in your contract.
Lower hourly rates will be applied as often as possible and will be used when time (deadline) and skill level required allow.

Much of the work we do at M Designs can be purchased by the package and provides a greater value for the dollar than hourly work due to the expected, planned and consistent nature of the packages. See Packages Hourly work will be allowed on a case by case basis.

Prices for Hourly Work listed below:

Position Hourly Rate Example Use Case
Graphic Design Manager $53.20 Design Consultation
Lead Graphic Designer $93.10 Strategic Design, Complicated Editing or Design problem solving
Junior Graphic Designer $46.55 Basic design, straight forward editing, or simple layouts
Web Development/Design Manager $53.20 Design Consultation
Lead Web Developer/Designer $146.30 Strategic Design, Complicated Coding or Design problem solving, new Programming or Invention
Assistant Web Designer $53.20 Basic design or builds, straight forward website updating, or website content management
Data Entry Technician $26.60 Typing services, form filling, written words typed into the computer in a simple program.
Marketing Manager $53.20 Marketing Consultation/Remote Session
Marketing Assistant $33.25 Social Media Posting, Email Newsletter Co-ordination


*Hourly work will be accepted only as availability allows and can be expected to have a 1 week turn around time unless otherwise noted or agreed. M Designs may charge a $50 fee for rush jobs, meaning hourly requests which are needed within less than 1 week. For more details see Turnaround Expectations.