Packages and Hourly Work Billing Schedule


Packages are monthly plans with quarterly commitments. (Q1 Jan-Mar, Q2 April-June, Q3 Jul-Sept, Q4 Oct-Dec)

Quarterly Plans are billed at the beginning of the month before service starts, or sometime during that month depending upon when services were requested. The payment is due one day prior to the quarter beginning. For Example, Q2 Starts on April 1st, so the payment would be due on the last day of March unless otherwise noted.

Payments can be paid monthly, or for a 10% discount quarters can be paid for by the quarter.

*If you are currently on a quarterly plan with a different billing schedule we will work with you to adjust the schedule. 

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Hourly Work

Hourly work is done on an as-needed basis and as availability allows. Detailed time and activity logs are kept throughout the month as tasks are completed.

Hours worked throughout the month are logged, itemized, on the invoice sent out on the first day of the new month, and due on the last day of that same month. For Example: 15 Hours were worked in September on Graphic Design. On October 1st an invoice goes out with the 15 Graphic Design hours billed on it and it’s due date is October 31st.

Hourly Rates for 2021 and forward can be found Here.

Upon request and for $35 a month you may receive bi-weekly updates and invoices.