Website Re-Design/Online Brochure Style Website


Online Brochure Style Websites are  Your basic website, no bells and whistles. 100% Extensible and Top Quality, Can be added to over time.



Hosting must be paid for and Content must be sent in completely before build, it can always be updated later.

Basic Website Details (Planning through Launch) Hosting Setup with Masscot Required for this price and is not included. Starts at $100 a year.
Content will be collected from client via email or other digital means.
1. Initial Design and Layout Concept – Basic look will be approved before design is created.
2. Customized Layout Design – This site will be built in WordPress for fast delivery and to keep design costs low. This includes custom-coded style sheets, and a working template for how the site will look for the most part. You may have some custom pages on your site, but generally there is a common look and feel throughout the site. Also includes a custom child theme.
3. Page Creation & Initial Information Population -Includes Home and up to 5 additional pages
Upon approval of the Layout Design we will create your individual pages, including organizing, editing, and formatting the initial text and images you want on your site based on the Layout Concept and Information Collected. I will set up your meta-data tags logically and with a bit of research, as well as set your site up with Google Analytics to begin tracking user interaction on your site and Hubspot CRM for easy management of customers plus easy to use sales and marketing tools.

● If you need me to create content such as copy or graphic design it will be priced separately.
● Additional Pages (simple just formatting provided text and images) – $50

4. Site will “launch” once the domain name is repointed to the new site. If you do not own a domain or it is not accessible we will assist you in purchasing one. Typically 1-2 weeks from the time all content is fully submitted.
Bottom Line: WordPress Website customized to your preferences, easy to edit and scale $500

► Mobile will be a smooth transition of styling

● Not a completely different version of the site
● Better for SEO and for understanding traffic in Google Analytics

► User Friendly for Maintenance and Content Management.

● Easily post news or events, and edit your content from your phone or any
other device with internet access.

► Many (often free or cheap) plugins available to extend the functionality of
your site such as online booking and eCommerce solutions.
► Customized Styling to match the look and feel of your brand.

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