1/2 Graphic Design Package – New For 2020!


  • $630 off Hourly Rate with this package per year***
  • Get up to 6 Marketing Deliverables throughout the year
  • Use as needed and save on your marketing deliverables.
  • Scheduled Monthly Design Meetings included.
  • Can be used all in one quarter, or you can use it over the whole year.
  • Without sale $105 Monthly


Graphic Design Deliverables* included in this package may include:

  • Logos
  • Branded business essentials like business cards and letterhead
  • Marketing Materials
  • Ad Design
  • Signs, Posters and Flyers
  • Photo Editing
  • Branded promotional novelties, stickers or shirt designs
  • Type setting, beautiful print or Web layouts

…and More!

Monthly Design Meetings will be scheduled in advance and include up to 30 minutes.

*  Number of deliverables is an estimate, alloted design hours can be used however is necessary. Cap of 3.5 Hours of Junior Design work or 1.75 hour Senior Design work are included with this package each month and may be rolled over, or used in advance**.

Service Begins January 1st 2020. Early Adopters who buy this item on sale will be set up prior to this time and service and billing will begin January 1st, 2020.

Need Help Sooner? Just ask. Custom Pricing Available.

Without Sale -Monthly price is $105.

Quarterly Commitment Required. (Q1 Jan-Mar, Q2 April-Jun, Q3 Jul-Sept, Q4 Oct-Dec.)

Package continues quarter to quarter unless cancelled by the 15th of the month prior to the new quarter. Sales on quarterly items good on 1 quarter only unless stated otherwise. Normal pricing will follow.

**If included hours are used in advance this constitutes a commitment to the following quarter in which the hours belong, or a regular full price bill for the work completed beyond the packages included hours, can be substituted.

Printing, production and/or other 3rd party expenses not included, this package included the design and meetings only.

***per year saving is for using 4 of these packages per year. You can buy more than one per quarter and save more but it is assumed that you would use one for each quarter. (Q1 Jan-Mar, Q2 April-Jun, Q3 Jul-Sept, Q4 Oct-Dec.)

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