Quarterly Marketing Oriented- Focused Marketing Package


$150 Monthly

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● Daily monitoring and responses to facebook messages; Timely forwarding via text or email of any facebook messages or comments that need your specific attention
such as job requests or technical inquiries; (up to 12 per month)
●Up to 3 Weekly posts sharing articles, news, events or stories that is interesting to your target audience, or on topics you specify* on Facebook; Instagram posts or other channels can also get up to 1 post a week by request or regular plan.
● Constant Contact account up to 500 contacts and one template
per quarter. We can load contacts if they are typed. Account
yours to keep forever at $21.25/month if you decide to pause M
Designs Service. You can email yourself using a custom design
by us or we can help you write content, see below. We will put together up to 1 email blast per month using the quarterly template, you provide the content/direction.
● Enrollment in Marketing Organizer Package

● 100 M Designs Credits Per quarter**


Quarters and Prorated Prices for Starting Late into a Quarter:

M Designs runs all quarterly programs on the same dates for all clients for simplicity so we can serve you best!

We run standard quarters from:

  • Jan – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – November

While it is ideal to start at the beginning of one of the standard quarters, it is possible to join in the middle. This is only possible with exlplicit written permission. If you need this accomodation please call 774-209-0894. We will discuss your needs and email you the details related to starting late.

* 3 business days notice required.

**For Each Quarter Choose Options to spend your M Designs Credits
Including but not limited to:

  • Seasonal Cover Photo – (1 per 3 month plan);
  • 10 photos per quarter cropped, lightened, straightened etc. (Clean Up, not major photo editing)
  • 2 involved photo manaiplations up to 1 hour each
  • 1 Blog Post/Article (You name the topic, we will research at least 3 sources and write a blog worth sharing. No filler articles! ● 1 Long Email Newsletter (Up to 5 main areas) or 3 Short Emails 1-2 topics content provided separately or by customer.
  • 2 Flyers for print or other 1 page print layout. Custom graphics outside of the ones with your package listed above cost extra.
    The idea here is to re-use or modify the graphic you have depending on the number of packages you need per month.
  • 3 – 1/2 hours phone or remote screen sessions per quarter. Calls up to 14 minutes always free!

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