In this image there was a glare on the picture above the fireplace, and also the photos of the designer’s work were taken before the intended paint job occurred so we edited the image to reflect the designer’s professional choice of color for this room to complete the look.

In these images, the photo of the space did not do justice to the true color of the lights which were added as a part of the new space’s design. We corrected the color of the lights and the surrounding area so that the picture was more true to reality.

For this set of pictures, we were creating art for a lingerie company that welcomes all body sizes. We edited a few of the images which only featured slim women to look more full-figured in order to show more inclusion and diversity of body type.


In this photo, the unfinished side of the table and the distressed bricks and thick mortar distracted from the overall look of the photo so we fixed the bricks and colors for a smoother scene.

In this picture, the junk in the next room took away from the elegance of the room being photographed. We removed the junk and replaced it with a clean room.

In this photo, we scooted the cushion into its place, removed unsightly HVAC equipment from outside in the background, and slightly extended the rug to go a little further under the chair.