How to Storyboard a Website


It can not be stressed enough how important structure is to a website. Not only does it make visual appeal look better but it also makes a website easier to use, and it helps search engines find said website.  When storyboarding a website it is important to always have structure in mind.

Where to Begin When Storyboarding a Website?

The first thing you need to do when storyboarding a website is to collect all of your possessed data, and break it down into appropriate topics. This is the first essential step to organizing your data in a manner that will make it easier to understand.

What to do When Data is Sorted?

After the Data has been organized into topics, these topics must be given their titles, heading, and any appropriately needed subtitles and subheadings. Once the content has been given these essential attributes they must be taken, arranged, and presented in an orderly fashion that users and search engines will be able to easily understand.

What to Do When Finished?

Simply put, upon completion of the previous steps the only thing left to do is to test the creation so far, and go back and fix any errors that have occurred in the process of the design. Get a variety of opinions to see where people may be confused on where to click next, or other experiential observations.