Values Attitudes and Lifestyles – VALs


To anyone who does not know, VALs stands for values and lifestyles. VALs is a psychological study that looks into the archetypal mindset of a business and their consumer based on the current state of a business. These archetypes and their structure change depending on what country someone lives in. The Archetypes in America are as shown in the picture below.

VALs Values Attitudes Lifestyles

Among this List  there are differences in every archetype based on where they stand, for example survivors are less wealthy and more frugal while innovators are more wealthy and less frugal. These personalities are important to understand because they help us figure out who is more likely to purchase something. These archetypes of people can be described as follows…




Survivors are the least well off, and because of that fact they tend to be frugal with their money and prefer to purchase cheaper items. They are also scared of change and tend to stick to the things that they have come to know as safe. Overall they struggle from a lack of drive.




Believers are not the most well off but their confidence is a very clear aspect of their personality. Believers are oftenly religious and focus on the idealism of their dreams. They do not look to change the world but try to advocate the good in it as well as try to socially fit in. Overall they focus more on their ideal dream than their current situation.




Strivers are not well off but they tend to keep themselves as motivated as possible, but often can not understand what they want. They often face unemployment but are still fun and loving individuals that dress in ways that try to portray wealth. Overall they struggle but try to act like they are okay.




Makers are people who are not well off but take joy in the idea of personal freedom. They are often somewhat anarchist by nature and want to live life among nature away from the government, and often believe in basic gender roles. Overall they are simple people.




Thinkers are well off individuals that do not like to take risks. They often reflect a lot before making a decision, and will look to the mistakes of the past to know which ideas are not good ones based on trial and error. Overall they prefer whatever is practical and proven.




Achievers are well off individuals who choose to stay motivated and work hard. Achievers tend to be professional in attitude and appearance but they tend to put themselves and their family members before everyone else. Overall they are practical, successful, hard working, and goal oriented individuals.




Experiencers are well off self-expressive thrill seekers. Experiencers are always caught up on trends, and tend to be very social and spontaneous individuals. Overall they tend to live in the moment and often buy things even if they don’t need it.




Innovators are the people at the top who possess all of the positive traits of the Thinkers, Achievers, and Experiencers. They are always paying attention, Trying new ideas, working hard, have a goal and idea in mind, trust scientific credibility, hold skepticism over advertising, and have international based knowledge. Overall they are successful and competent individuals.