The Silo Technique

This consists of categories under the main topic of your website. Each category is called a Silo. Under those categories, you can then break them down into other subcategories on either blog posts, products, videos, etc. This technique is useful to your site because you can put parts of your business into categories, this then lets search engines like Google or Bing read this in your site and raise the rankings. Also, your customers now have an easy way to find what they want on your site quickly, leading to more customers and possible leads.

The basic model of this method is like this:

Website: Angie’s Handmade Jewelry

● Earrings

● Bracelets

● Necklaces

● Formal wear

Then the categories can be broken down further: Earrings-Seed bead, beaded hoops, artisan-style, etc.

Formal wear-Wedding, prom, gala, etc.

Then if there’s a blog post about seed bead or formal wear earrings, a link to the seed bead earrings category can be placed in the article. Now you have read about the type of earrings you were searching for, and are able to access the area on the website where you can purchase them, or see more information about them.

Search engines favor sites that have relevant content linking together, the Silo method does this and is what makes it a successful implementation on a website. It organizes your site and shows the web crawler that the content you have is important because you took the time to put it into these categories, and link all the information and content relevant to what the user originally searched. Blog posts that have a link inside them telling you more about the topic you searched, or other associated things like products that you are looking for, or go with the topic. This all keeps your website clear and concise, and this registers high with the search engines increasing your rankings, and then traffic.

You can write a certain number of articles, or put new products under your silos, and keep adding to them. This all keeps adding keywords that appear on search engines, and the more unique content, the more it will appear to those searchers looking for this unique content, all linked from your organized silos. This will help you gain the rankings you need to be seen by your potential customers, and help them to be able to find what they are looking for as soon as they land on your website. New sales and customers can now be in your reach.

The basic model of The Silo Technique was used on by placing all his auto repair categories into silos, then breaking them down into smaller categories, like car make, year, etc. This was all organized, relevant, and appeared in search engines well, easily found by the potential customer looking for car repairs. The customer could then find the type of car repair they were looking for fast and easily because all of the silos were there in front of them, allowing them to keep clicking the links till they got to the page they needed to be on to find the correct repair shop to fix their car. No tools were used, only the implementation of The Silo Technique, and how it corresponded to his business.