Consumers of 02563 based on PRIZM Data

The consumers of the zip code 02563 consist of the following types of people…


  • 05 Country Squires
  • 09 Big Fish, Small Pond
  • 32 Traditional Times
  • 24 Pickup Patriarchs
  • 62 Crossroad Villagers


Country Squires


Country Squires tend to be wealthy middle aged individuals living among their family members, and have earned a higher degree and make six figures a year. They are known to own a Subaru, shop for men’s business attire, attend minor league baseball games, buy sporting events tickets online, listen to mainstream rock, eat at Panera, and fly with Delta Airlines.


Big Fish, Small Pond


Big Fish, Small Pond people are usually older individuals that do not have kids living with them, usually just their significant other. They have succeeded in life and have a higher degree, have been making six figures throughout their lives, and have likely retired. They tend to own a Lexus, shop at pier one imports, like men’s tennis, go on the website Angie’s list, Eat at carrabbas, listen to CBS Conservative, and travel to Alaska.


Traditional Times


People who fall into the category of Traditional Times are usually standard older individuals who have just retired, made five figures, and no longer have children living with them, usually just their significant other. These people tend to own a Cadillac, shop at Chico’s, follow PGA/LPGA, watch golf, eat at Bonefish Grill, listen to ABC Conservative, and travel to Alaska.


Pickup Patriarchs


Pickup Patriarchs are individuals in their mid forties to mid sixties who live in small towns that may or may not be with their kids, and usually make five figures a year. They usually own a GMC, shop at Hobby Lobby, go to minor league baseball games, view consumer reviews on internet/apps, eat at Cracker Barrel, listen to Sports Radio, and Travel to Chicago.


Crossroad Villagers


Crossroad Villagers are less wealthy senior citizens who don’t have any form of higher degree and only make a low amount of five figures every year. They tend to own a Buick, shop at Stein Mart, follow figure skating, Use, eat at Cracker Barrel, Listen to Adult Standards, and cruise on Royal Caribbean.