The Skyscraper Technique

This technique consists of finding extremely interesting and unique content that will gain many back links and shares. The main thing you must do for this technique is create good content, so that the content actually does get the links and influencers you want to share it, and is successful. When this occurs, you will be able to gain high ranking on Google and other search engines. The way to start is to find content that is doing well on other sites, but write it concerning your content, and in an exceptional way. Then you will have unique links that will go with that above average, well written content. People will then want to share those links more, and it will gain viewers and SEO. The content should be very detailed, and if there aren’t things in it, like photos, videos, etc., you can add them when you write your own article. Then it will get extra attention on top of what the similar article you modeled from is getting. You can also boost your shares by writing case studies, thoroughly researched content, etc. You can also search for people that write similar content, and reach out to them to see if they are interested in linking to your content, or promoting it to get rewards. You should spend 80% of the time promoting your content, and 20% creating content. You want to spend most of your time putting what you wrote through these promotional channels more than writing, because you need that valuable time to get it out there, and while you are writing, that isn’t happening. Writing a few great, and thoroughly researched articles, with a major amount of promotion is the main thing to making this technique work. You will then get the good back links, shares, and influencing that you want for your content. The other important component to this technique to make it successful, is to write well written emails to other sites, blogs, etc. You can pitch to them the content you have, that is relevant to something they have on their site, that their visitors would also enjoy reading. Write a short email to the point, with a subject that will get their attention, and get it read, and a reply. If all of these steps are followed, then you’ll get the results you are looking for in SEO and promotion for your content, that will make it just as, or more popular than the other similar viral content.