How to find and export contact lists in Constant Contact

The following guide will explain how to locate and then export contacts lists into .CSV files from Constant Contact

Please follow the numbered steps below, then see the following screen-shot pages that contain a visual representation of everything our text lesson has gone over.

  1. Log into the Constant Contact BP Portal.
  2. Log in and locate the client whose contact list(s) you wish to view and/or export.
  3. Click the “Contacts“ option on the dark gray header bar on the top pg. 
  4. Once you’ve accessed this you will be able to choose from “Lists” orAll Contacts
    Example of tabs/menu: 4th down from top, “Export All Contacts”


  5. If you click on “Lists” you’ll see that the clients’ individualized contact lists are broken down into sections. For example; you’ll see many separate contact lists such as Hubspot, General Interest, Facebook, etc.
  6. If you wish to export some or all of the client’s contact lists but wish to do so by keeping them organized inside their separate lists… ie; Hubspot, General Interest, Facebook, etc. then you’ll want to click on the “Lists” section and check off each and every contact list you wish to obtain, save, and export.
  7. After you’ve checked off every contact list you wish to export click the blue Export All Contents button on the top right-hand side. Then click the small white square. After doing this a list will appear that allows you to choose the option: “Export All Contacts”.
  8. After choosing “Export all Contacts, a pop-up menu will appear where you can check off certain characteristics (like only exporting contacts that have email or mailing addresses, or other specific criteria, Check off the option you want (I like to go with the default checked settings hee in most situations). 
  9. If you wish to export ALL of the client’s contact lists (that is: every single individual contact list under that client, you can do so by exporting the full “Master” client contact list. You can still choose the criteria mentioned above by checking the boxes.
  10. You’re ready to export your contact files into .CSV files now. Just hit Export, and choose where to save your client contact list folders. 
  11. When saving several contact lists, or all of a client’s contact lists but still keeping them individually organized by type (like Hubspot, Facebook, etc) it’s best to make a separate folder for each one of these and then save them all together. Corresponding Contact List goes under Corresponding Folder name…. save the sub-folders within one larger folder.
  12. Finally… since some client’s contact lists can be large, it’s usually easiest to save them as a .zip folder so that you and the client can store it easily without it taking up space/being able to email the folder to the client easily since it’s not too large.