Several New Ways M Designs Has Grown in 2019
We are proud to announce several new ways M Designs is growing and changing to offer more services and greater value to our clients.

This year we have added two new employees and developed several new roles which are currently being filled by the owner of the business and being developed into meaningful jobs. We hope to add another two employees in 2020. We have begun working with a new Payroll service and Insurance policy with a company called Paychex and their partner The Hartford, whom we reccomend. They have been very supportive in helping us take this next step.

We have introduced variable hourly rates and new packages! M Designs is offering different prices on work depending on the skill level required to complete the job, and based on the availability of staff. The quality of the work will adhere to the same standards no matter which manager, designer or technician completes the job, guarenteed.

This change is a reflection of the growing company and the desire to offer the client the best value, as well as develop meaningful jobs for those who work here. Much of the work we do at M Designs can be purchased by the package and provides an even greater value for the dollar than hourly work due to the expected, planned and consistent nature of the packages.

In Addition, we have updated our design software to the latest Adobe Creative Cloud versions, as well as purchased new video editing software. We are now offering social media videos for the first time and look forward to serving clients with this new medium in 2020!

We also have begun using a new (to us) meeting software called Go To Meeting and this will now allow us to provide remote screen sessions plus we can now record the sessions upon request. We will also now be able to host meetings or seminars with up to 250 people at once and can use the software to create custom video tutorial-style responses to technical questions without the need for a meeting.