Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting comes with the basic and extended marketing packages, and the frequency and content of the posts are defined in the clients contract or notes.

In the the focused packages, (See 3 focused packages) unless defined differently, posting occurs 3 times a week on Facebook and on other channels as defined in each clients individual agreement.

Below are examples of the types of things M Designs posts for customers, and where they get posted. Not all posts go to all platforms being managed.

Image Posts and 3rd party Link Posts

Sometimes a platform is not the appropriate place for the content to be posted, for example Instagram is a visual platform, and links shared here are not clickable. If the content being shared is a third party article, this would be appropriate for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter or Facebook but would not look right on Pinterest or Instagram. On the other hand, if a photo or Custom Graphic is the content being shared it can be posted on all of these platforms listed.

Here are examples of Social Media posts and the platforms they are on:

In this case the same graphic was used on both Twitter and Facebook and it was a Custom Graphic. This would be an appropriate candidate to also be posted to Pinterest or Instagram:

In contrast, this post is a Social Share (Explained Below) and this is an article written by the local newspaper, shared on this page but it is not the property of this page. In this case it is appropriate to share the link, which Facebook displays the article image for automatically, but since it is not their “visual” it would not be appropriate for posting to Instagram or Pinterest. This would be fine for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and other platforms where sharing of linked content is encouraged.

Clients can also send in content to be posted, and they are required to give us 3 business days notice and we are required to post it on the date and time they ask as long as enough notice is given. If they cannot provide 3 days notice we will still try to honor their request, but if schedule does not allow it is understood that we will post it within three buiness days.

Social Sharing is an important part of the mix of content that is shared on social media for our clients. It is important because it takes 3rd party content that resonates (topically) with the client and their audience, but is not being shared as a direct sell, or self promotion. Not to mention the fact that promoting others (as long as it is not direct competition) is always a good way to be a good member of a social community.

It is the point of social media to connect like minds and discuss things, not primarily to sell stuff. People go on social media to catch up on news they care about, be entertained or for a conversation. This is not to say that a well placed ad or a direct link to a sale are inappropriate, they are not, but they should not be the main focus of most of your social media posts. If a company only talks about themselves, people lose interest so these social shares are an important way we can engage with an audience without annoying them with constant call to action to buy, or hear about how great the company posting is.

Portfolio Posts are another great thing to share, this means when a client has finished a job they are proud of we share photos of the work with a description.

Email Blast Posts are posts that link to a web page identical to an email that has just gone out such as a newsletter, or announcement. These posts also contain a link where the viewer can choose to sign up so that the next time a similar mailing goes out they can receive it in their own inbox.

Event Posts Sometimes clients have a special event they are holding, attending or promoting and we can create or join a pre-existing event and share it in the news feed.

If not otherwise specified, most clients get 3rd party sharing posts most of the time. On the basic marketing plan they get 1 post on up to three platforms per week, and we use our professional discretion if the post is not appropriate for a certain platform. Sometimes we have a separate plan for one of the platforms such as instagram, for example, they client may have the same shared post for LinkenIn and Facebook, and then we arrange for them to send us photos of their work “as it happens” which we can post up to once a week on the third platform.

For customers only on Facebook we manage the page with Page Manager only, or for those with multiple accounts we sometimes use Hootsuite.

For any specific questions about posts please ask your Marketing Manager.