Google Alerts for Managed Social Account Content


Documenting list

Put a text file in the customers folder for info.

It should be a numbered or bullet point list of the alerts we are seeking to get from Google Alerts, and any websites that they will receive a newsletter/etc from.

Example for a massage client:

ABMP online newsletter subscription

Meditation daily magazene digital subscription.

  1. Stretching
  2. Relaxing
  3. Self Care
  4. Places to visit on vacation


Implementing Subscription

In google alerts the alerts from the client’s list should be set up so that weekly ech topic is delivered to the SM manager’s email inbox as a convenient reminder and place to draw possible content from. Also appropriate subscriptions should be directed to that same inbox for more content ideas.


Cleaning Text, remove formatting
Web design CSS source code closeup diagonal view, monitor screenshot

Sometimes text has markup on it that we can’t see in programs like MS Word, but it affects the letters by adding other styling like bullet points, bold face, size, stroke etc…

The way to avoid having formatting that you can’t directly see or edit is to paste the text into a program that is a very simple text editor, like MS notepad. Then after you copy it back out of notepad, it has it’s formatting removed. This is because notepad doesn’t support such formatting and the result is just the text which you can now format without worrying that is is being otherwise influenced.